Dyed Products

Dyed products are also called enviro mulch. The dye is vegetable oil-safe for animals and children. It comes in a variety of colors. This mulch is mainly for looks only.

Hard Wood Products
Double Shredded Hardwood Bark

This is ground here in the yard. It is double processed and has a fine even cut and sweet smell. It retains moisture, kills weed growth when 3-4 inches thick and decomposes well.

Natural Products
Shredded Cedar

Sucks up moisture from the ground, therefore not as good for plants and growth. It is a great bug repellent and has a cedar smell.


This is the Cadillac of mulches. It is great for sloped areas and looks great in any landscape. It has a reddish-brown color and by nature is resistant to decay, repels insects and maintains its appearances for a long time. 

Safety Play

This is made from all wood, no bark or branches. It is great for playground covering and is a certified product. 

Pine Products
Processed Pine

This is a shredded pine.

Pine Mulch

This is a small mini nugget.

Mini Pine Nuggets

This is a larger barkier type mulch.

Great for flowers, retains moisture and color remains the same as it decomposes.