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Serving Our Customers

PJ Hebert is your one-stop shop for quality landscaping materials. We provide a huge selection of top materials at affordable prices, enabling customers to stay within budget and deadline. Our individualized service and expertise enable you to get the job done faster and easier.

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Helping You Get The Job Done


We specialize in maintaining a constant supply of landscaping products. Our wide selection of aggregates, mulch, and stone will help turn your project into a masterpiece! Our knowledgeable team will guide you to the materials you need. Just get in touch today.

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Proud and Professional

We’re proud to provide our customers with top-notch service. Our clients love working with us, many of them returning as repeat customers. Click link below to learn more about what we can do for you today.

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Pre-season Reserve Contract Pricing Available.

Michigan, USA


About Us

We are a family owned and operated business located in Shelby Twp. For over 40 years we've been serving Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne County. 

We strive to provide quality products to our customers at unbeatable prices.

Our product line includes numerous types of mulch, aggregates, assorted stone, bulk and bagged rock salt, firewood and propane. Product is stock-piled in our yard year round. This enables our customers to access materials even during the busiest months. 

We produce the double shredded hardwood mulch and we cut the firewood in our yard. This allows us to control both the quality and the pricing. 

Helpful Formulas

Area (face foot) = Length X Width/Height

Depth (feet) = Depth in inches divided by 12

Cubic feet = Length X Width/Height X Depth

Cubic Yards = Cubic feet divided by 27

Circle Area = 3.14 X Radius X Diameter

One Cubic Yard = 27 Cubic Feet

One Ton = 2000 Pounds

Tonnage Required = Cubic Feet X Pounds per

Cubic Foot Divided by 2000

How to Compute Mulch for a Job

Multiply: Length X Width X Thickness

then divide by 27 cubic feet.

(2" thick=0.16) (3" thick=0.25) (4" thick=0.33)


Multiply Length X Width X 0.16 (2"thick)

then divide by 27 cubic feet

Firewood Calculations

PJ Hebert Basket = Approximately 1/2 Face Cord

Basket Size = L 4-1/2' W 3-1/2' X H 2.8"

1 Face Cord = 4' X 8' X 16" - about 200 pieces

1/2 Face Cord = 4' X 4' X 16" - about 100 pieces

1/4 Face Cord = 4' X 2' X 16" - about 50 pieces

1/8 Face Cord = 2' X 2' X 16" - about 25 pieces

Math Formulas and a Calculator
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