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- Fairbanks Kiosk System

- Full Length Truck Scale

- Scale can accommodate trucks/vehicles up to 100 tons

- Length up to 80' and widths up 14'

Wood Recycling

We provide a location for you to drop off your unwanted organic material. We accept organic, brush, tree branches, logs, trees, and wood chips. 

We DO NOT accept stumps, grass clippings or lawn debris/clean-up.

Rental Equipment 

Have a big job but need equipment?


Available to Rent:

- Air compressor

- Sod cutters

- Trencher


Need a tub grinder? Rent this service by the hour.


We deliver the products right where you need them using our fleet of trucks. 

- Stone Delivery (loads up to 45 tons)

- Mulch Delivery (loads between 5-140 yards)

- Salt Delivery (loads from 25-50 tons)

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