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Soils, Sands, Sod and Straw Mats

We provide a few different types of soil and sands.



This product is rich in nutrients. It's used in gardens, landscaping, urban agriculture and organic farming.



Sod is used to establish a lawn quickly. It is often used in residential and commercial properties, schools, golf courses, etc. 



The uses for topsoil are extensive. It can be used to build gardens, make drainage better, or fix lawns. It's ideal for low spots in lawns, patios, or patios. It's also great for replacing soil when planting trees or shrubs.


Straw Mats

Straw mats are often used to cover newly planted grass seed and to keep it from blowing away. It also helps discourage small mammals and birds from eating the seed. 


Mason Sand

This is an all-purpose sand. It is a fine crushed sand that can be used as a fill material, play sand, beach sand, paver base and leveling agent.

​Ordering Sod:

  • All sod must be preordered and prepaid.

  • A pallet deposit charge of $15.00 is required per pallet ordered.

  • Delivery Charge = $75.00

  • Sod is sold as is, no written or implied warranties, as it is a perishable good.


To Compute Amount Required for a Job:

  • Multiply: Length X Width, then divide by 9 = total yards needed



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